Friday, 3 March 2017

Tom Jones - The Voice of Cartmel

"What’s New Pussycat?" asks Lois as I walk into the office.
I look at her quizzically. "It’s Not Unusual!" says Pam. But it is – it’s very unusual. In fact there’s an odd vibe about the entire office.
"She’s a Lady," Pam explains, although the point is entirely lost on me. Gary Sharp, the Head Groundsman at Cartmel Racecourse, is not a lady but he’s usually very sensible all the same. I turn to him, hoping for a proper conversation.

"How’s the track Gary?" I ask.

"Like the Green Green Grass of Home," he says and they all fall about laughing.
I’m getting a bit fed up; I’m obviously not in on the joke. "Has anyone seen my car keys?" I ask, possibly with a hint of irritation.

"Dey-lie-thar," they scream together. "De-li-lah - ha ha ha…"

Delilah! Well then I knew… That was the moment it finally dawned on me that the nice people at Cuffe and Taylor (our musical partners) had named the next superstar-artist to play at Cartmel races: Sir Tom Jones. Known to millions as the voice behind 36 top ten UK hits, the veteran singer is as popular as some of our seasoned steeplechasers, like this week’s selection – O’Faolain’s Boy who runs in the Veterans’ Chase at Newbury on Saturday.
He’s also attracted a new generation of fans through his place on the panel of the popular television show The Voice. At this stage I should point out to racing fans that the BBC programme is not a biopic of the late Sir Peter O’ Sullivan (known by all as the 'voice of racing'), as entertaining as that might be.
The Voice is a show in which the relatives of bookmakers, like Tony Lusardi’s grand-daughter, battle it out on stage to see who’s the best singer. Sadly Lucy Kane, the Tom Jones mentored daughter of Linda Lusardi (who may have featured among the photographs on my wall as a teenager), was knocked out in the last show.
I don’t know whether Lucy Kane will be here at Cartmel on Friday 30th June (perhaps she’ll be taking bets for her Grandfather), but we can all look forward to seeing Tom Jones – who will be playing live on the big stage after the final race.

All-inclusive tickets, for access to the racing and the concert, will be available to purchase on-line on Monday. A limited number of early-bird tickets will be available for just £40, with the normal advance price ticket for adults costing £45. Existing annual members will be able to enjoy the concert as part of their season ticket.
I can already hear ladies all over the village chanting, "Sex-bomb, sex-bomb." I don’t think they’re calling for me. But it’s not unusual… 

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  1. Does this single concert announcement mean that there is no band playing on Sunday 2nd July?
    If there is no concert on this day will we be able to buy tickets for 2nd July on Monday?