Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Prize Winners & Quiz Answers

And the winner of the Cartmel Christmas Quiz is... (drum-roll please)... (fanfare) ... Michael Campbell who scored 100%.

The runners-up, who were drawn at random from all entries, were: Phil Evans (who also scored 100% and Brian Goodwill who got just one answer incorrect. The judges have also elected to award a consolation prize to Chris Wood - on account of the great effort he made to submit a winning entry.

The answers (in bold) were as follows:

1) Before Gay Future ran 1974, as part of the famous betting coup, what was he covered in?
    A)     Shaving foam     B) Soap Suds                      C) Carlsberg

2) How old was Cregmore Boy when he became the oldest horse to win at Cartmel in 1957?
    A)     13                            B) 15                                      C) 17

3) The first running of the £27,000 Cumbria Crystal Trophy in 2012 was won by:
    A)     Soul Magic          B) Front Rank                    C) What A Steel

4) Which was the last horse to win at Cartmel and run in the Cheltenham Gold Cup?
    A)     Soul Magic          B) Kauto Star                     C) Knockara Beau            

5) How many winners did Tony McCoy ride at Cartmel during 2013?
    A)     1                              B) 4                                        C) 7

6) How many of Tony McCoy’s rides, at Cartmel in 2013, lost?
    A)     1                              B) 4                                        C) 7

7) How many career wins at Cartmel does Soul Magic currently have to his name?
    A)     6                              B) 7                                        C) 8

8) In 1865 Oulton Boy became entered the record books by winning three races in the same:
    A)     Day                       B) Week                               C) Season

9) Which Cartmel winner went on to win the Triumph Hurdle at Cheltenham later the same season?
    A)     Zarkander           B) Countrywide Flame   C) Soul Magic

10) Which horse, pulled up in a maiden hurdle at Cartmel in 2004 won a Group 1 sprint at Royal Ascot in 2006?
    A)     Soul Magic          B) Gay Future                    C) Les Arcs

11) The average prize fund at Cartmel in 1900 was:
    A)     £3.47                     B) £34.71                             C) £347.10

12) Before the implementation of strict safety factors, what was the biggest field to contest a race at Cartmel?
    A)     20                           B) 30                                     C) 40

13) Which film featuring Pierse Brosnan was filmed at Cartmel Racecourse?
    A)     Mamma Mia!     B) Murphy’s Stroke        C) Die Another Day

14) Which out of the following jockeys rode most winners at Cartmel in 2013?
    A)     Lucy Alexander B) Tony McCoy                C) Jason Maguire

15) What’s going to win the Long Walk Hurdle at Ascot this weekend?
    A)     At Fishers Cross B) At Fishers Cross          C) At Fishers Cross

- all answers to question 15 were judged to be correct - even those who nominated Reve de Sivola who actually won the Long Walk Hurdle. Clever Clogs the lot of you.

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