Friday, 2 May 2014

It's Written in the Stars

I've studied the skies and we're set for a fantastic summer at Cartmel  races - here's what is in store for you and your friends...
Aries (Includes Lady Gaga and Paul Nicholls)
You are energetic, supremely optimistic and comfortable speaking to anyone. Losing bets are quickly forgotten - because you’ve always got a better selection for the next race. Have you ever thought of becoming a racehorse trainer?

Taurus (Includes Queen Elizabeth II and Tony McCoy)
Your many loyal friends are planning to celebrate your birthday with you at Cartmel races in May. You’ll enjoy the homely atmosphere, the scenic surroundings and a superb picnic. You’re not a gambler at heart, but even you can see that those AP McCoy ridden favourites represent solid investment opportunities.

Gemini (Includes Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney)
The reason that you love Cartmel is that there is so much to see and do. You can share a drink with friends and your picnic with the strangers in the car parked beside yours – before watching the next race from the top of the helter-skelter, winning betting slip in hand.

Cancer (Includes the Dalai Lama and Meryl Streep)
Above all else, you like to plan ahead and save money – so now is the time to book your tickets for the July meeting. You’d usually prefer to keep your money in your pocket as opposed to putting it on a horse, but make an exception for Soul Magic. He’s a regular course winner and his name echoes your lunar moods.

Leo (Includes Madonna and Usain Bolt)
The lucky lion! You’re king of the betting jungle and your throne sits at the centre of the celebrations that most mere mortals refer to as the August Bank Holiday Meeting. Enjoy a great day out with all your friends.

Virgo (Includes Siegfried Sassoon and Shania Twain)
While you wear the dreamy expression of someone whose mind is elsewhere, we all know that your logical mind has already figured out a winning placepot strategy. It isn’t in your nature to boast, but don’t keep your secret to yourself – share it with the rest of your party and they’ll repay you in Champagne.

Libra (Includes Alfred Nobel and Margaret Thatcher)
No one could ever accuse you of being a sheep. Your enquiring mind ensures that you always examine the reverse side of the coin. While the general public plunges blindly on the favourite, you can scoop the best value odds with that left-of-field each-way shot you’ve got your eye on.
Scorpio (Includes John Keats and Chief Seattle)
You are a walking X-ray machine of the human mind, loved and respected by all those around you. If you put as much effort into reading the minds of horses as you do the hearts of people, you’d have a lot more money in your pocket.
Sagittarius (Includes Billy Idol and Jimi Hendrix)
Yes, you can bring your dog to the races, but you must keep it on a lead. Half horse, half human, Sagittarians love animals. They also love speed, risks, gambling and parties, which is why they like Cartmel so much.  
Capricorn (Includes Carla Bruni and Alex Ferguson)
You probably won’t see your Capricorn Friends cheering wildly as the horses come up the straight, but don’t be surprised when you discover they’ve trebled their money or pulled off a multi-million pound deal in the hospitality tent. Capricorn’s eyes always stay firmly on the prize.
Aquarius (Includes Charles Darwin and John Ruskin)
The Aquarian racegoer stands out, not just for their eclectic dress sense, but also because of their insistence on knowing how everything works. Don’t ridicule them for backing the 66/1 outsider – it’s likely they’ve already witnessed the result somewhere in a parallel universe.
Pisces (Includes George Harrrison and Elizabeth Taylor)
You’re an incurable fantasist and you’ve dreamt of a big win for years without success Your latest selection is Charm Spirit in the 2000 Guineas on Saturday. Fortunately, you understand that money isn’t really important in this life or any of those that follow. Love and happiness are everything – you’ll discover both at Cartmel in abundance.  

Next week: we'll be giving the winning lottery numbers.

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